Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Lockdown in NZ is a bit like a caffeine detox mixed with a strange yoga retreat - you are both relaxed from the decreased workload but full of anxiety due to the daily routine withdrawals. Who would have thought so much change could happen so quickly? Yet because the stakes are so high, we take in all in our stride. 

For the first time in NZ history not only are we being told to stay home (fine by me, @goodcocktailco delivered is a thing) but encouraged to adapt to this new way of life (but why don't we have same day delivery here though). Which starts a new issue - how do I maintain productivity while "working" from home?

I'm not sure about you, but for us our days haven't changed too much. We still have our weekly to-do list: discuss with designers and brands, have a cuppa, set up the new website, have another cuppa, plan styling for upcoming shoots, is it cuppa time yet? Yet somehow the work output seems to have halved from what it usually is. Strange really. 

But should we feel guilty? Optimise our time better? Crack down on those damn tea breaks? Or is this what working from home looks like now?

When we outline the key contributors for decreased work output, it seems to always fall into 2 main categories. 1) Issues with sleep and 2) Issues with concentration.

If you slept in till 1pm because last night you binged 6 episodes of your latest Netflix addiction - chances are you are going to get less done in the day. Similarly, if you are uninspired and Instagram is full of far more colourful content than your current work project, you are going to lose concentration. The bright side? This is normal. YOU are normal. Because everyone else is feeling the same way, and doing the same things. 

Now although I am not encouraging you to slack off at work, nor say yes to that inner voice tempting you to check out that latest story update on insta every 5 minutes, it is time to give yourself a break and take a breather. Let's accept what will be (no office time nor in-store retail therapy) and find the beauty in every day.  

This really can be a time for positive change, a budget yoga retreat in your living room some might say. Why not get an essential oil burner going filled with your favourite scents. Not sure where to start? How about layering lavender and citrus oils for their anti-anxiety and relaxation properties. Chuck on that low-fi music playlist, or my favourite: relaxation massage music to feel like you are at the salon (we can dream).

Work output will once again thrive when you are thriving and thankfully, things are already heading back to normal. All we can do in the mean time is hang in there and support each other. 

Take care

LJ xx

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