Studio Pia Smart-Sizing Guide

My Mother always taught me that in life all you need is a good bed, well fitting shoes and a "damn comfy" bra.

And how right she is! We all know there is nothing worse than an ill fitting bra - the way it rubs in all the wrong places and leaves your chest feeling saggy, uncomfortable and unattractive.

So how can Studio Pia be so broad with their sizing? And how can we really believe that one bra can fit THREE different sizes? What is this brand doing differently?

As always, it all comes down to design. And as Pia herself says,

"Traditional sizing just doesn't do it for us".

And boy do we agree. So how does it work?

The Pia difference lies in the beautiful silk covered straps which are adjustable both on the shoulders like a basic bra would, but also around the back. This allows for a 10cm variance in the back band size alone - a three size variation in the one bra. Luckily for us this addition isn't only found in their bras, but most of their pieces (bodysuits, basques, suspenders, thongs and knickers) allowing a range of at least two dress sizes for these pieces as well.

And yes, it really does work.

After experiencing the flexibility each piece offers, it changes your purchase into an investment, where the quality, innovation and craftsmanship is evident it will stand the tests of time (and my winter weight fluctuations!).

Check out their Smart-Sizing guide below and let us know what you think - we know you will be as impressed as we are...

Take care

LJ x


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